The Challenge

To create a BrandBook that would be used by Madalena’s Creative Team to develop POS material, ads, products and other visual materials. It’s a manual of personality and brand behavior geared toward the day-to-day guidance of branding and corporate communication management.

Madalena BrandBook

My Role

I was hired as a freelance Designer to lead this development. I worked on logo design, icons, textures, colors, typography and graphic design for the entire project.

Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Specific Issues

Our goal was to explore Madalena’s illustration, the red and the texture of her hair. I was able to create different application versions for their logos, and a brand new color scheme, all inspired by the original illustration. The icons were made on a modern and clean way. Our concern was to get too far from other beer companies, but we insisted on making things different, so that Madalena’s beer would be recognized not only by its quality, but also by its innovative profile.

Madalena’s Illustration

Design Process

I had a first reunion with Madalena’s partners and their Creative Team to specify goals for this project. Then, I did a benchmark research. After that, I’ve made a lot of sketches, and finished the book and its assets on 2016.

Beer lables
Brand slogan
Madalena’s Illustration
Brand typography
Brand application

The Results

The BrandBook had a great fit to the brand values. Since then, it’s been used as the main brand guide for any creative development of the brewery.

Logo architecture
Color scheme
Brand icons
Brand application