The Challenge

To create a mascot to be used on all of Copag’s children oriented materials and products.

Copaguinho: Copag's Mascot
Copaguinho: Copag’s Mascot

My Role

I was the lead Designer of this project. I worked on concepts, sketches and visual design for the main poses of the mascot, and some of its applications. Also, I’ve created a Guide to be used to develop POS material, ads, products and other visual materials.

Design Tools

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

Specific Issues

Copag is very famous by its playing cards products. When Copag started producing children games, we had to introduce the brand to new customers, both the children and their parents. The most practical and friendly way of doing this, was to create a character with whom people could connect. The mascot represents Copag’s logo, and was designed in a way that it would be easy to replicate it in different types of media.

Copaguinho at school
Copaguinho at school

Design Process

I had a first reunion with the Products and Marketing team. Then, I did a benchmark research. After that, I’ve made a lot of sketches, and finished the mascot and its assets on 2008.


Copaguinho poses
Copaguinho poses

The Results

The mascot had a great fit to the brand values, and was able to connect with the consumers right away. Since then, it’s been used as the main character for any creative development of the children’s product line.

School actions
Baby version
Mangá version
Mangá version
Personal Illustration
Personal Illustration
Personal Illustration
Personal Illustration
Personal Illustration
Personal Illustration
Copaguinho's App Icon
Copaguinho’s App Icon

6 - Apresentacao
15 - Historia Chefe Pirata
12 - Interface
Copaguinho’s App