Hi, how are you? Let me introduce myself.

I’m a Design professional with more than ten years of experience in areas such as Visual Design, Marketing Design, Digital Design, UI, UX, Web Design, Graphic Design and Product Design, working both in team management and production.

These are some of my skills:

• Strategic Design;
• Design Thinking;
• Visual Design, UI and UX;
• Product Development;
• Brand Planning;
• Branding;
• Art Direction;
• Leadership and Relationship;
• Team Management;
• Project Management;
• Entrepreneurship.

I am the author and I write to www.diretoresdearte.com.br, the largest Brazilian website specialized in Art Direction.

I continue to seek improvement in the areas of Management, Planning and Innovation, as well as in Design, Digital and Product Development, so that I can continue joining these competences, delivering results with creativity and relevance to the company and its clients.

Let’s talk? Send me a message here or email@fabiomichelan.com.br.

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